LITTLE SECRETS is a Greek company which specializes in natural cosmetics products.

The designers of the products are two childhood friends who fulfill their dream. The first is a cosmetics graduate that made an entrance in the field of cosmetology working in prominent selective distribution cosmetics companies and after a few years, in 2012, she founded her own boutique beauty parlor. The other one, with a lot of years of experience in the public relations department of a multinational company, she obtained expertise and professionalism emphasizing on customer satisfaction. With experience and knowledge, love for creation, respect towards the consumers, they come to fill the gap in value for money natural products for body care.

The products are created from natural materials with beneficial properties that bring us closer to mother Earth. Recipes carefully blended with sophisticated oils that cause skin wellness, hydration, weight loss and body sculpting according to your needs. Handpicked aromas inspired from the East that meets the West, blended with silk touches and elegant packaging, they come to generously offer the Little Secrets of beauty.

We present you the first collection of Little Secrets, which takes care of your skin in a unique way.

We hope you love it as much as we do!!!!

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