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Peony Natural Soy Candle

Natural scented soy wax | 210ml ℮ 7.10 fl.oz.



Natural fragrant soy wax containing the bright and seductive peony with notes of red apple and bergamot.
In the middle we find notes of peony, red rose, jasmine and violet.
The fragrance is completed with notes of woods, musk and suede.

Why soy wax?

1. Longer duration
Soy candles have a low melting point and melt at 39 degrees. They last up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.
2. Smell more
They are herbal and therefore have a better “bond” with the perfumes. They even smell off.
3. Correct combustion
And by proper burning we mean that your candle will burn all of it as long as you follow all the instructions.
4. Healthier
Soy candles emit over 90% less soot than paraffin candles. Research has shown that paraffin candles can even cause cancer.
5. Non-toxic
LITTLE SECRETS candles are non-toxic, non-harmful to humans and the environment.
6. Renewable energy source
Soy candles are a renewable resource and will be as long as there is land on which we can grow the plant.
7. Easy to clean
The buttery texture of soy wax allows it to be cleaned much easier than a surface as it does not “freeze” as soon as it falls off.
8. Reusable containers
You can clean the containers with warm water and dishwashing liquid and use them again. Some small ideas are to make herb pots for your kitchen, pencil cases, cosmetics storage or cotton buds.

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Peony Natural Soy Candle


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